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Dealing with High-Risk Pregnancy:
Any Pregnancy can offer you a lot of worry. Here are few things that you could do to deal with high risk pregnancy-Stop feeling anxious which might affect the baby's well-being, Eat well and get enough rest, Attend all the appointments without skipping even one, have all the tests done reguraly recommended by your obstetrician, take the prescribed medication without fail, Reduce your work and rest more, go out and do excercises, keep yourself hydrated and lastly ask questions when you have them.
Painless Delivery:
Painless delivery or Epidural Anesthesia is a small injection placed in your lower back, through which an epidural catheter, the size of a thread is passed into your back through which drugs can be injected to relieve the pain of labor. These drugs are baby safe and cause numbing of the nerves without affecting the ability to move. With this you may feel the contractions which will not be painful.
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